Computerized axial tomography (scan, scanner, CT)

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The scanner (CT or computerized axial tomography) uses X-rays in a rotational movement around the patient to obtain very precise slice images. This information is processed by a computer, and images with numerous different angles, such as axial, coronal, sagittal or 3D are obtained.

CT is indicated for the following investigations: brain, spine, facial bones, sinus, neck, ORL, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, osteoarticular, virtual colonoscopy, dental implants, blood vessels (angio-CT of the carotids, Willis [aneurysm], aorta and pulmonary arteries [pulmonary embolism]).

A contrast medium (oral or intravenous) may be used to increase the sensitivity of the exam depending on the findings sought and the clinical information.

Upon arrival, our staff welcomes you to check-in for your exam on the third floor.

The usual duration of the examinations is 15 minutes.

Certain types of exams require the injection of an intravenous contrast medium. That is why there is a preliminary questionnaire to assess renal function and allergy risk. Certain types of abdominopelvic scans require bowel opacification by oral ingestion, or sometimes endorectal injection, of contrast medium.

Most exams are done with the patient lying on his/her back without any discomfort. You may communicate with the specialized technologist at any time.

To complete the interpretation of the images obtained, it is important to bring with you THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT, images and reports of previous exams related to the study that you will undergo at our clinic.

Preparation :

For all scans with intravenous contrast medium, it is necessary to fast three hours prior to the exam. A renal function blood test (creatinine) may be necessary if there are risk factors such as age, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, etc.

For some abdominal scans, oral ingestion of water or barium may be required, depending on the clinical indication. Some abdominopelvic examinations require the placement of an endorectal cannula. This will be specified when the appointment is made.

If you have a medical history, it is important to let us know.

If you think you may be pregnant, please let us know. When in doubt, do a pregnancy test before arriving for the exam.

When arriving for your appointment, make sure you have:
  • The original request signed by your doctor.
  • Your health insurance card to check in for your appointment.
  • The payment method for your exam.
  • The images (on CD) and copies of the reports of previous exams related to your scheduled exam.
Please arrive 30 minutes early to receive a free parking coupon, available in front, and to check-in for your appointment.
Specifications :
Total CT exam duration: between 10 and 60 minutes, depending on the exam.
Digital device used: Siemens Biograph 16-detector system
Copy of images: upon request, images are copied onto a CD (no charge for the first copy; $10 for each additional copy).
Click on $ to view the price
Computerized axial tomography or CT scan Without contrast With contrast
Brain 250 $ 295 $
Brain with AND without contrast   325 $
Sella turcica   295 $
Internal ear   295 $
Orbits   295 $
Sinus 275 $ 325 $
Facial bones 295 $ 350 $
Willis circle angio CT   550 $
Larynx, soft tissues of the neck 295 $ 350 $
Thorax, abdomen OR pelvis 295 $ 350 $
Abdomen with and without contrast   375 $
Entero-CT   450 $
Abdomen AND pelvis 395 $ 450 $
Thorax AND abdomen 450 $ 495 $
Thorax AND abdomen AND pelvis 595 $  
Cervical OR dorsal OR lumbar spine 295 $  
Sacro-iliac articulations 295 $  
Osteo-articular 295 $ 350 $
Osteo-articular with and without contrast   375 $
CD   First copy is free
CD   $10 for each additional copy
Report copy    fist copy is free
Report copy    $5 for each additional copy
Prices subject to change without notice

In addition to your doctor’s request, please send us your contact information, along with the file number and the name of the agent who is handling your case. We must have authorization for the examination before scheduling your appointment.

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