Virtual colonoscopy

Colorectal cancer screening is recommended after age 50.
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Using CT and specialized software, a virtual colonoscopy can view the inside of the colon for an early and accurate diagnosis of polyps, precursors of colon cancer.

This high-technology exam is safe and non-invasive, and does not require sedation. Its detection rate is as precise as that of optical colonoscopy (>90%) and clearly superior to the barium enema (<80%).

Colon cancer is a very devastating cancer and the second leading cause of cancer mortality in the population. It first appears as a benign lesion measuring only a few millimeters, then grows slowly, over several years, and becomes a polyp of 1 cm or more, or becomes cancerous. This exam is used to detect small benign lesions called polyps that we can remove (through optical colonoscopy), and thus prevent cancer. 

A virtual colonoscopy is recommended:

• Every 5 years for all men and all women beginning at age 50. 
• 10 years before the age of a colon cancer diagnosis in a first-degree relative. 
• Every 3 years in patients with small polyps measuring between 6-9 mm or for those who are at high risk. 

This exam also provides an overall assessment of other abdominopelvic organs (liver, spleen, pancreas, aorta, kidneys, etc.) on the CT images obtained.

• Men and women of age 50 and over
• Family history of colon cancer
• Diet that is high in fat, low in fiber
• Physical inactivity
• History of cancer (breast, uterine, prostate, etc.)

Upon arrival, our staff welcomes you to check-in for your exam on the third floor.

The exam, which lasts 15 minutes, is performed using a 16-detector high-resolution CT scanner. We will proceed with an intravenous injection of Buscopan which allows the muscles of the colon to relax to optimize intraluminal evaluation and increase patient comfort by reducing intestinal cramps. Two sets of images are taken, while you lay on your stomach and on your back, after blowing an adequate amount of CO2 into the colon.

Afterward, images of the colon, reconstructed in 3D by the most powerful software currently available (Viatronix), are analyzed by the radiologist.

This exam is safe, and no prior medication or sedation is necessary. It is not necessary to be accompanied by someone, and you can return to work or your normal activities right after the exam.

For a high-quality exam, a 24-hour preparation, based primarily on a liquid diet and the use of laxatives, is required to "clean the colon."

Preparation: Please note! There are 3 different preparations
(Click on the appropriate preparation to download the information in PDF format)

Regular preparation
Preparation for patients age 65 and older
Preparation for patients with heart or kidney failure

When arriving for your appointment, make sure you have:

• The original request signed by your doctor.
• Your valid health insurance card and payment method for your exam, if applicable.
• The images on CD and copies of the reports of previous exams.

 Please arrive about 15 to 30 minutes early to receive a free parking coupon, available in front, and check-in.

Products needed for preparation are provided to you free of charge.

Please note – Incomplete preparation: If the patient does not complete the preparation, he must notify the technologist BEFORE proceeding with the exam.

Any heart or kidney disease should be mentioned, as the type of laxative used in the preparation may differ. If you are on any medications, you should take them as usual (with as little water as possible on the morning of the exam). Diabetic patients should check their blood sugar level more frequently during the preparation and the morning of the exam.

Equipment: About 30 minutes
Digital apparatus used: Siemens Biograph 16-detector CT scanner
Viatronix 3D reconstruction software.
Copy of images: upon request, images are copied onto a CD (no charge for the first copy; $10 for each additional copy).
Virtual colonoscopy
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