Yes, a prescription from your family doctor, medical specialist, chiropractor or podiatrist is required.

We accept prescriptions for other radiology centres or hospitals.

In private clinics, the cost of CT scan, virtual colonoscopy, magnetic resonance or PET exam is not covered by the RAMQ; however, it is covered by most private insurance.

According to public health protection regulations, any work carried out in a medical facility must be done following a prescription signed by a healthcare professional.

Consult your doctor, or visit a medical clinic.

General radiology exams are done without an appointment during the clinic's business hours.

An appointment is required for all other specialized radiology tests, bone densitometry, mammography, ultrasound, scan, virtual colonoscopy, dental imaging, magnetic resonance imaging and PET.

See the Appointment section.

No preparation is required for general radiology exams.
For all other exams, refer to the specific preparation procedure.


Most people with varying degrees of claustrophobia are able to successfully complete their scan. Our systems are spacious and accessible to patients who weigh up to 400 lbs.

For magnetic resonance imaging, we have a wide-bore system to accommodate claustrophobic and bariatric patients.

Our experienced technologists accompany you during the exam and are there to reassure you. An emergency alarm button is at your disposal at all times. To relax, you can bring your favorite music (on a CD). If necessary, mild sedation may be used. You will have to arrange for someone to bring you back home from the clinic.

All reports, x-rays and images of previous examinations related to your upcoming exam are very useful in assessing your situation.

Images of your exam will be diligently analyzed by the radiologist. In general, the written report interpreting your exams is faxed to your doctor within 24-48 business hours. In many cases, a preliminary report can be faxed on the day of your appointment.

In addition, your doctor can directly and quickly access the images and reports from your exams via our website (Internet portal).

Images of your exams are available on CD.


Parking is also available outside the building at a cost of $6 for 2 hours, and $5 after 6:00 p.m. and on week-ends.

The clinic is easily accessible by public transit. See bus routes #1, #3, #4, #15, #21, #54, #77 and #115 at 

It depends on the type of exam, but typically less than 48 hours.

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